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Modak Recipe

Modakas are dear to Ganapati. The procedure to make modakas is as follows: (For 21 modakas)

Ingredients : 2 cups of rice, 2 tablespoon ghee, (purified butter) ½  teaspoon salt, 1 grated coconut (powder), 1 cup sugar or raw sugar (i.e. jaggery), around 30 almonds (chopped), 1 teaspoon powdered cardamom.


  • Clean and soak rice in water for an hour or so, wash it three or four times and take out in a colander so that all the water is drained out. Spread it on a piece of cloth and dry in shadow. Then pound it finely and sift through a sieve
  • Boil three cups of water in a big dekchi. Add one tablespoon of pure ghee (purified butter) and salt to the water. Put in the rice flour in this water and go on stirring till the mixture becomes even. Lower the fire and cover the dekchi for a few minutes. Remove the lid and stir the contents. Repeat this process one or two times more so that the rice flour cooks and forms into a nice lump
  • Turn over the lump in a big metal plate. When it is tolerably cold, grease the palm with just a little ghee (purified butter) and knead it into soft dough
  • Now place a dekchi on fire with half table spoon of ghee (purified butter) and put the coconut grating in it
  • Fry for a while, add sugar or jaggery (according to taste), cardamom powder, almonds. Fry till this mixture thickness. Remove from fire
  • Take a portion of the dough and shape it into small balls., make a hollow in the middle, place enough coconut grating mixture (as prepared) in the hollow, pressing it down gently. Pull up the sides giving furrow and gather them at the top, giving it a conical shape
  • When all the Modakas are thus made, steam them in a pressure cooker or in a colander placed over a dekchi of boiling water.

Note :- Add a little quantity of thickened milk and saffron to the coconut stuffing to make it more delicious.
Eat these Modakas with pure ghee or with coconut milk.